Coaches Code of Conduct

Mt Baker Youth Athletic Association- Code of Conduct – Coaches 

The Mt Baker Youth Athletic Association’s principles of program development are to help facilitate, through leadership, training, and administration, 

  •  The development of our student athletes on campus and in the classroom
  •  The development of our student athletes on the field of competition
  •  The development of an appreciation of being a member of the Mt Baker Community

 It is our vision that our student athletes enjoy their participation, experience a feeling of accomplishment in their abilities, and continue their involvement in extra-curricular sports activities. We ask our coaches to abide by the following code of conduct 

1 – Maintain a tone which encourages growth and development.   We do not embarrass or humiliate our student athletes.  Profane, vulgar language will not be tolerated.

2 – Be reasonable in your demands on our student athlete’s time, energy, and enthusiasm, remembering that they have other interests.

3 – Place our student athlete’s development, emotional, and physical well-being ahead of a personal desire to win.

4 – Be knowledgeable of a particular sport’s rules and do our very best to provide a safe environment for our student athletes, parents, community, coaches, and staff.

5 – Coaches are required to abstain from any drug or alcohol use prior to and during any practices games, or tournaments.  This includes tobacco products.  Abstinence is expected while representing Mt Baker Youth Athletic Association in the presence of our youth at any sports function. 

A report of a violation of this conduct code will trigger an immediate investigation by the MBYAA executive board.  The MBYAA executive board will gather information and determine if a violation did in fact take place.  If it is determined a violation did take place the board may, taking into consideration the severity and scope of the violation, impose one or more consequences from the following list 

A – Verbal warning

B – Written warning

C – Suspension from coaching for a specified amount of time

D – Dismissal from coaching indefinitely Consequence referrals will be maintained in a master log in archives for review.

 I, ______________________________________________, understand the coach’s code of conduct and my responsibilities and expectations as a coach of our young student athletes.

Posted Sep 29, 2016

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